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Missouri Geographic Alliance

The Missouri Geographic Alliance (MGA) is a grassroots network of Missouri elementary and secondary educators, university instructors, geography professionals, and concerned citizens dedicated to the advancement of geographic literacy in the state of Missouri.

Shannon White
March 29th, 2013

What is Geo-literacy?

Aaron Kale
June 10th, 2014

Free Energy Exploration Workshop – June 14th

Aaron Kale
June 3rd, 2014

Where are they from?

Aaron Kale
May 27th, 2014

Grant Opportunity for up to $2500

Kayla Flamm
May 9th, 2014

Teacher Development Program at Mount Vernon

Upcoming Events

Energy Explorations: Hands-on Activities for Geography & Science Classrooms

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Come join us for a day of hands-on activities about the Earth’s energy resources. The sky is literally the limit

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Policy Advocacy Training and Congressional Simulation

Saturday, May 3, 2014

This interactive program, facilitated by the John C. Stennis Institute of Government and Community Development, will take participants through a freshman Congressperson’s

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